Prayers for Elliott


Our sweet Elliot needs your thoughts and positive energy. Elliot has been having difficulty urinating over the past few days, and after multiple vet visits, and now a stay in the ER, we are very concerned there is a serious neurological cause. We wish it were as simple as a urinary tract infection or bladder stones, but it’s not. X-rays and ultrasound were inconclusive. He's spending the night on the ER for supportive care, and will get a neurology consult tomorrow. 

Right now the low end of the estimate for his vet care is $3600. After surviving being left in a box in the freezing rain on a shelter’s doorstep, and surviving a horrific mouth infection from his time as a stray, Elliott deserves for us to fight for him. Elliott has been so happy and loved in his foster home, we want to give him the chance to enjoy his golden years if we are able to. 

Hang in there sweet Elliot. And to his foster mom, Andrea, we've got you and are sending all kinds of love and support. ❤️


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