Prayers for Olivia


We like to focus on the good stuff here at Young at Heart, so we’re checking with an update on Olivia and asking you to send some love and good energy her way. The pathology results are back and they are not what we had hoped. Olivia has a rare and aggressive form of mammary cancer. Our hearts are broken, as her time with us is now uncertain, but in doing what we do best, we are going to make sure Olivia has the best care possible and will be as healthy, happy and pain-free for as long as she can. 

Thanks to your support, we are able to work with a team of doctors to map out a plan of treatment and move forward with their recommendations. And, most importantly, Olivia will have the best care at home with her amazing foster mom Tracy, who will make sure she has all she needs and will give more love than you could ever imagine. None of us, our animals included, come with an expiration date printed anywhere, so we are going to focus on the battle ahead and put our energy into helping Olivia beat the odds. Olivia is a special girl with the heart of warrior and we know she can do this! We love you Olivia!


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