Run Free, Stewie!


Until we meet again…. Stewie, age 12, joined our rescue in March of 2016 and a large mass that was quickly discovered prepared us to consider his time with us might be limited. A biopsy only confirmed our fears, as the mass was cancerous and his prognosis was poor. But, as we know here at Young at Heart, no matter what the prognosis Stewie still had a lot of life to live and we needed to show him the Good Life for whatever time he would be with us.

Here is where our amazing sanctuary homes jump into action. Stewie joined Deb and Jim’s home, a brand new family to our sanctuary team, and he hit the jackpot. From daily walks, to special meals, to snuggling on the couch, to having a best friend in their dog Jessie, Stewie knew nothing but unconditional love and a life he had always deserved.

Stewie stayed strong for 10 months thanks to Deb, Jim and the medical care Young at Heart is able to provide, but on Tuesday he let us know it was time and he peacefully left this world surrounded by what matters most, love and family. While our hearts are heavy and with Deb, Jim and Jessie, we are extremely grateful and rejoice in the life he had with them. We couldn’t have asked for anything more for this sweet boy. Run free Stewie!

Beagle Stewie

Stewie & Family

Stewie & Brother

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