Run Free Sweet Blue


Until we meet again: In April of 2017 Blue joined Young at Heart. The report from the shelter noted he was a sweet and gentle dog, but that he also limped on his front leg as the result of arthritis or an old injury. Arthritis is something we expect to see in our seniors, but when he arrived he was in severe pain and he was not bearing any weight on the limb. We knew he needed immediate attention. While we hoped it was just an injury the would heal with time and treatment, the news was far worse than we ever expected. In addition to severe arthritis in his spine, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that was taking over his shoulder and upper leg bone.

While stunned and heartbroken by this diagnosis, as we always do, we jumped into action to make sure whatever time he had left with us was as happy, love-filled and as pain-free as possible. Most importantly though, his foster mom Ruth, who had intended to welcome an adoptable dog into her home that she would care for until he found his forever family, stepped up without hesitation to be his sanctuary and hospice mom. And while he was only given several weeks to a few months to live, Blue had other plans. He quickly settled into the Good Life with Ruth and had an amazing quality of life for ten more months. 

Blue’s days during his time in sanctuary were filled with the best care. He had physical therapy, as he tolerated it, to strengthen his healthy limbs and help manage any discomfort. He enjoyed naps in the sun on the patio during warmer weather and snuggled into a bed in front of the fire on colder days. Many of those naps were even shared with his feline friends in marathon snoozing sessions. He had wonderful medical care and had homemade meals every single day. He had every treat he could ever want and he didn’t lose a single pound despite his diagnosis! Blue was surrounded by love, and when his quality of life declined, he was given the ultimate gift of compassion and released from this world and his awful diagnosis. 

Blue got his wings last night, and while our hearts ache for his loss, we are so grateful for the time he was with us. He knew the best life he’d ever known and he left this world a loved dog. Both are things that many seniors in shelters don’t get to know. We are so grateful to you, and to our amazing network of veterinarians and our phenomenal sanctuary homes that Blue did have what every senior pet deserves in their greatest time of need. 

Run free sweet Blue. We love you!


Blue Smiling


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