Run Free Sweet JoJo!


Run free sweet JoJo! After surviving and thriving through a two-year battle with lymphoma, and most recently doing all we could to help him through debilitating arthritis, the time came this weekend to help Joe make his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are heavy, but we rejoice in the wonderful sanctuary home and life he had with his foster mom Christine.

JoJo, more fondly known as Joe, beat all the odds and far outlived his prognosis for survival with lymphoma. He had very few days where he wasn’t a happy, sweet and hungry little guy. We really couldn’t have asked for more for him and are so grateful for every single day he beat the odds. He was a fun little guy who had a great life!

Please join us in remembering Joe and celebrating the amazing second chance he had with Young at Heart. Our hearts are with Christine and we are forever grateful to her that he knew nothing but love every single day. The Rainbow Bridge is a bit brighter today and Joe will always be in our hearts. We love you Joe!


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