Saying Goodbye to Sumo


Sweet dreams, sweet Sumo. Friends, we said goodbye to another one of our special sanctuary dogs. Sumo, a 13 year old yellow lab, came to us just this past November. He had suffered a tragedy when a fire destroyed his home, taking the life of his beloved guardian. Sumo was in the house too, struggling to breathe through the smoke when he was rescued by firemen.

Sumo had terrible smoke inhalation, and was hospitalized. No one thought he would make it, but he did! So he came to Young at Heart where his wonderful Sanctuary family showered him with love. He was a happy boy despite his many medical needs. However a recent test after declining health showed widespread cancer. So we made the humane decision to say goodbye. We know he missed his dad very much, and we know that Sumo’s tail is wagging like crazy now that they are together again. 

Sumo was the sweetest, most gracious boy. Our hearts are with his sanctuary family who loved him so much. Thank you to our friends who donated to his care initially so that we could rescue him and spoil him in the twilight of his life. 

Good boy, Sumo. You’ve got your mobility back. Run free. ❤️ 🐾


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