Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day: Betsey


We had so much fun sharing a behind the scenes rescue day with our three winners last week, that we asked each one to answer a few questions that we could share with all of you. Each one happily obliged, and so we share Betsey's thoughts on her Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day experience with you! 

1. What was your favorite moment of the day? "My favorite moment was going with the intent of rescuing 1 cat and 1 dog and leaving with 2 cats and 5 dogs!"

2. What was your least favorite moment of the day? "The least favorite moment was seeing the number of dogs and cats sitting in cages, scared and hoping someone will save them."

3. What do you feel was the most important thing you took away from the day? "The day helped me understand the need for networking within the shelter system so the seniors, who tend to get over looked, are given a second chance."

4. Did the day change or impact the way you feel about Young at Heart being a seniors-only rescue?
"Spending the day with Young at Heart helped me appreciate all the work that goes into saving, rehabilitating, fostering and finding the perfect home for senior dogs and cats."

5. In one sentence, tell us what you feel the day meant to the senior pets you saved. "When we got to the vet, it was if you could feel a collective sigh of relief."

6. If you had to pick, who was your favorite rescued pet of the day and why? "I’m a beagle lover at heart but having Maggie, the Boston Terrier, on my lap for the ride home was wonderful. She is so beautiful and loving. I can’t wait to hear about her path to a new family!"


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