Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day: Claudia


Here's our top fundraiser for the Mutt Mosey, Claudia. We asked her about her experience behind the scenes as Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day, and her answers are below. Claudia also got to name our little nameless rescue that day, a senior jack russell terrier mix, whom she named Daisy!

1. What was your favorite moment of the day? "When the decision was made to rescue more than one dog and one cat, especially after hearing the shelter had already taken in over 30 animals that morning. Seeing the faces of those 7 animals change from sad to excited, hopeful and happy as they were escorted to their freedom ride was so powerful and rewarding. I will never forget this experience."

2. What was your least favorite moment of the day? "Seeing the sad, confused animals that were just abandoned by their families. Hearing the sad cries begging for help. Seeing the sad faces begging us to give them another chance at life. Seeing the broken spirits of the animals as they awaited their fate - rescue or euthanization. I can still hear them. I can still see their faces. It makes me cry even now just thinking about it."

3. What do you feel was the most important thing you took away from the day? "The number of abandoned senior pets is staggering and most end up being euthanized. My most important take away from the day is that time is of the essence to get the funds to build the Young at Heart shelter in Woodstock."

4. Did the day change or impact the way you feel about Young at Heart being a seniors-only rescue? "It reinforced the importance of the work being done by Young at Heart since seniors rarely ever make it to the adoption floor. Their days are numbered unless a rescue pulls them out of the shelter."

5. In one sentence, tell us what you feel the day meant to the senior pets you saved. "It was a life changing experience for them to be able to feel loved and valued after losing their families and knowing life was not over for them."

6. If you had to pick, who was your favorite rescued pet of the day and why? "I honestly can't pick one. Each one has their own special character and personality. I love them all!"


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