Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day: Sheila


Here's our second winner, Sheila, and her thoughts on her experience behind the scenes on a rescue mission with Young at Heart as a Senior Pet Rescuer for a Day.

1. What was your favorite moment of the day? "Saving the Lucky Seven and loading up the new rescue dogs and cats in the rescue van and receiving kisses from them knowing they have been saved."

2. What was your least favorite moment of the day? "Knowing we had to leave many other seniors behind with those sad and scared looks they had as we walked by their kennels. It breaks my heart knowing that so many animals are dumped on a daily basis. We were told 38 came in the day before we arrived."

3. What do you feel was the most important thing you took away from the day? "Young at Heart needs a physical sanctuary to save more animals, and in the meantime we must educate everyone on adopting seniors who need us the most. After living with a family for so many years, they are suddenly locked in a metal cage with many barking dogs and scared cats.  "

4. Did the day change or impact the way you feel about Young at Heart being a seniors-only rescue? "It just confirmed that senior pets need Young at Heart more than ever, as everyday there are so many being dropped off at the open admission shelters scared, alone and very stressed. No animal should have to be put in this situation ever in their life. Love them for Life!"

5. In one sentence, tell us what you feel the day meant to the senior pets you saved. "They were relieved they didn't have to go back into the kennel/cages and were free again to live their life being loved."

6. If you had to pick, who was your favorite rescued pet of the day and why? "That would be Hope!! She reminds me of a dog I had when I was a kid, also the kisses helped win me over and the tail wagging constantly. I'm sure she was saying "Thank you for saving me" with every kiss she gave us. She is one happy and very sweet dog!!"


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