Shadow is Home


After 10 days of being lost in the cold, Shadow has been found safe and sound!

We have some time while we wait at the ER with Shadow, but he looks pretty good for a guy who's been on the lam for 10 days in this arctic blast, surviving wind chills of -30!! 

Shadow found

We got a call from a very nice couple who had seen one of our mailed postcards saying that they had seen our dog in their backyard today. I headed right over and within 15 minutes, saw Shadow in the backyard just a few doors down from them. He had a nice little hidey hole under a shed and was not interested in being caught. I managed to get him into a backyard where the gate was open, but he managed to escape again. That's when Sandy showed up and we continue to follow him through yards. Thankfully he chose another yard with an open gate but Sandy managed to block the gate which didn't close completely. The two of us tag-teamed, wondering how we were going to get him and that's when three more angels showed up to help, Barb, Lynn, and Jackie. 

Between the five of us we were able to secure the yard enough that he had nowhere to go. He began to calm down and lay down in the corner of the yard to groom the ice balls off of his fur, chomping on them and eating each of them which hopefully kept him hydrated over these past days.

shadow sandy dawn
He was definitely in survival mode. He was growling and barking and bolting at every chance, looking for escape routes under the fence. It took about an hour and a half of sitting quietly in the yard with him, tossing him liver sausage, until he finally got to a point where he was so cold and ready to give up that I was able to finally toss the lead over his head. And that's when we all started sobbing. He looked at us like we were crazy but it didn't matter because he was double leashed and wasn't going anywhere.

From that point on, he was happy to oblige. He hopped into the car, and enjoyed being petted by all of his rescuers at the vet. Because he already had kidney issues when we rescued him, that is our main concern. He is currently getting bloodwork and an ultrasound done and we will go from there.

shadowWe cannot thank everyone enough for being on the ground these last 10 days. No matter how miserable we were stomping around trying to follow tracks, you all knew that he possibly could be so much more miserable. And so you kept on. We are very sure that he has been traversing under I 90 through the ravine where we have been searching every single day. And since it's been frozen for a few days now, he has been able to get to the other side of 90 with more resources and shelter. This smart little dog knew how to survive. 

To each and everyone of you that helped in someway, I am forever grateful. Shadow is home. ~ Dawn

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