Shelby Kicking Cancer's Butt!


Shelby is kicking cancer's butt! Soon after finding rescue with us Shelby was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (you can find the full story in the comments below). She immediately joined our Sanctuary Home Program so we could get to work on the best treatment possible that would ensure her quality of life for as long as possible. Well, we are so excited to share the update that Shelby has completed treatment and is doing very well!

Shelby is a rockstar patient and she has absolutely breezed through treatment. She'll see the oncologist for a check-up in 2-3 months, and in the meantime, she'll continue to have the best life possible with her loving sanctuary family. She is one pampered pup and her days are filled with stops for ice cream cones, short and secure rides around the neighborhood in her mom's convertible (Shelby LOVES riding in the car), and lots of napping in the sun.

Shelby is just about as sweet as they come and we are so excited for her progress! And, most of all, we are grateful that we can give dogs (and cats), like Shelby, the best care and lives possible thanks to everyone who supports Young at Heart and our mission. We love you Shelby! ❤️

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Kicking Cancer's Butt

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