So Many Adoptions!


When it rains, it pours! We've had so many adoption stories to share this past month that we're putting them all into one post.  Thank you to all of our wonderful adopters, both new and repeat!  We can't do this without our fantastic friends and supporters.

Here's Chirp, age 14, and her new dad Mark. It was love at first sight for these two.

Chirp and Mark

Charlie, age 13, and the Wagoner family who are volunteers, as well as adopters! Thank you for your commitment to the senior kitties of Young at Heart!

Another Charlie, age 15, and his new family the Goudreaus. This sweet boy stole their hearts as well as all of ours!

Charlie Adopted

Fluffy, age 10, has the best life with volunteer, foster and three-peat adopter Diana. Thank you Diana for your commitment to the senior kitties of Young at Heart! We love you!


Taffy is just about as sweet and as happy as a dog can get. His new mom Melinda waited patiently to bring him home while he recovered from surgery - and it was a long wait!  Thank you to Susie's Senior Dogs for their financial assistance with the TPLO procedure.

Taffy Adopted

Sweet Sassy (pictured right), age 13, has found the perfect happily ever after - She has a new dad who is head over heels in love with her, and a new BFF in her canine sister Sammi (pictured left). Thank you Don and welcome to the Young at Heart family of adopters.

Sassy Adopted

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