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Severe skin and ear infection treatments: $700
Teeth cleaning with extractions: $450
Heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart: $5000
Multiple vet visits for recheck after recheck: $450
Nancy finally adopted and loved beyond words: PRICELESS!

So many of you followed the story of Nancy, the sweet little terrier mix that we rescued on Chicago Rescue Day. Her cute little under bite and sweet demeanor stole everyone's hearts, but she was a train wreck medically. When we rescued her, she had a horrible skin infection with ear infections to match, a severe upper respiratory infection, horrific teeth (and the breath to go with those teeth!), and a very significant heart murmur. With lots of time, medication, and TLC, her infections cleared up, she was able to get her teeth cleaned and be spayed at the same time, but her biggest issue was her heart murmur. A consult with a cardiologist revealed that Nancy has a repairable heart issue - a hole in her heart - that was causing the murmur. If we did nothing, she would ultimately go into heart failure. But if we had the hole in her heart repaired, she would have a perfectly healthy heart. We don't often get a chance to prevent something so significant in the senior pets we rescue. We are often treating and maintaining health issues that can no longer be reversed, so when we learned that we could do this for Nancy and possibly extend her life by years, it was an easy decision! And Nancy came through heart surgery with flying colors! 

It is because of all of our supporters that we could provide such complex care for such a deserving little dog, and Nancy's little tail never stops moving. She is happy and healthy and is enjoying every minute of her new life! Her new mom, Sharon, loves her beyond words, and knows how many other people love her, too. So she has agreed to Nancy being an Ambassadog for Young at Heart! This means that Nancy will make appearances at Young at Heart events as her mom's schedule allows so that all of the people who helped make her whole again can meet her and her silly smile! Nancy is truly a lucky senior pup!

Yesterday we had an incredible donor offer to match your donation, dollar for dollar, up until the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve until we raise $10,000 to help senior pets like Nancy get the second chance they deserve! You have absolutely amazed us by donating $3,475 already! If you have already donated to the match, THANK YOU! If you would like to donate and have your dollars matched, there is still time!

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Nancy says thank you for giving senior pets with special needs a second chance!

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