Sunday is Chicago Rescue Day


Look at this sweet little senior! And if she's lucky, she'll be sprung from the shelter and heading to us this weekend! Because on Sunday August 6th, Young at Heart is going to be part of something big in our community - the first ever Chicago Rescue Day.

Over 20 rescue groups are signed up to work together to relieve some of the burden on our open access shelters in Chicago. Shelters see a big uptick in intake and shelter disease in the warm summer months- so we are all getting together to make them a priority and rescue some animals!!!

We have been working hard here at Young at Heart to make room for up to SIX senior dogs and cats for Chicago Rescue Day, and we can do that thanks to you awesome people who support Young at Heart!

Without a doubt, some of the seniors that we rescue will be without names due to being strays that were never claimed. So we are going to give YOU a chance to name at least one of them! While we can't promise whether it will be a dog or cat (or how many) that will need a new name, we know that at least one will need a new name to start their new life! The names of all of our monthly Constant Companion donors and the name of anyone who makes a donation between now and Sunday to help us care for these new seniors will be put into a hat. On Sunday we will introduce you to the seniors rescued, and at least one randomly chosen lucky supporter will get to name the nameless senior pet(s) that your support has saved!

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We're so excited for Sunday! We can't wait to show a batch of senior pets in need what the good life is all about, thanks to you!


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