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Friends, meet Mike. You would never know it by the blessed life he lives now, but when we met this little guy back in 2015, he was a wreck. He was in the farthest corner of a tiny metal cage, a skeleton of a kitty hiding in the little tinfoil pan that served as his litter box. After his owner died, the shelter environment was more than he could handle. He tried to escape the strange sounds and smells by curling into the tiniest ball he could possibly make, tucking his head into the dark corner. He was as scared as a kitty could be. 

When we opened the cage door, he curled up tighter, but peeked out ever so slightly from behind his front legs. And though he wouldn't look up when we gently touched him, every bone in his body could be felt under his skin. As we gently petted him, the tension slowly left his body, and soon he was purring ever so softly. We knew Mike needed Young at Heart. 

Mike came to us one very sick kitty. He weighed a mere 4.7 pounds, and after a short time in our care, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. After diagnostics to ensure he could handle it, he was successfully treated with I-131 treatment and began to thrive. And just when we thought he was ready for adoption, he began to have digestive issues. He was then diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. At that point, Mike became a permanent resident of Young at Heart, and began treatment for lymphoma. 

Thanks to the support you give Young at Heart, senior pets with special needs like Mike get the care they need to thrive and enjoy their golden years. Happily, Mike was successfully treated and is in remission. He now weighs a whopping 13 pounds! Every morning, he yells at the windows until his sanctuary parents open the blinds so that he can watch the birds. When his sanctuary mom sits to work on the computer, Mike climbs up on her shoulders and plays with her hair. You can often find him draped over the shoulders of his sanctuary mom or dad while they watch tv. And his favorite treat in the whole wide world is whipped cream - he'll come running from anywhere in the house when he hears the 'Ready Whip' can! Mike is living the good life, thanks to you. 

This holiday season, we give thanks to our donors who make it possible to care for our special seniors like Mike. Join us tomorrow for our #GivingBackTuesday as we share stories of the senior pets that your support makes a difference for all year round. 

And as a special thank you, Young at Heart's Board of Directors will be matching your donations dollar for dollar that are made to our Newman's Own Challenge page. The match starts tomorrow and runs through December 5th, up to $3500. 

Mike says thank you for giving him the second chance and the life that he deserves. Thank you for supporting Young at Heart and believing that every senior pet deserves a loving home. 

Stay tuned for more stories of the very special senior pets whose second chances were made possible by your support.

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