SURGERY PUPDATE on Iggy and Twiggy!


WHEW!!!! Iggy made it successfully through surgery and is now recovering nicely. The surgeon said that Iggy did great! One GINORMOUS stone was removed from his bladder, poor guy! He will stay overnight in the Cardiac Care Unit for monitoring, and if all goes well, he can go back to his sanctuary home in the morning. Iggy will go home on pain medication and his activity will be super restricted. And of course he is to receive lots of TLC! Thanks to your generosity, Iggy's surgical bill is paid for in full! 

After heading to the specialist this morning with Twiggy, we were asked to postpone her double knee surgery until Tuesday because of a heavy load of emergency surgery cases that had come in overnight and heading into the holiday weekend. Since we want to ensure that the surgeon has all the time he needs to focus on Twiggy's knees, we agreed to push the surgery back. So Twiggy will get a long weekend of extra TLC, and then will head back to the specialist first thing Tuesday morning. Thanks to your generosity, Twiggy's first knee is completely paid for! Now we have just $2153 left to raise for Twiggy's second knee! 

Thank you for keeping both of these sweet little senior chihuahuas in your thoughts. Soon they will both be enjoying their golden years in total comfort!

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