Taz Meets His Sanctuary Family


One of the biggest parts of our mission is to ensure that senior pets get a chance to spend the rest of their lives with a family that loves them. We know that when their time on this earth is running short, there is no greater gift to the pets that love us than to spend the twilight of their life wrapped in the love of family.

When we rescued 11-year-old Taz from a shelter just a few short weeks ago, we intended for him to get some much needed vet care and then to put him up for adoption to find that lucky family. But his initial blood work showed that he was in kidney failure, his blood pressure was incredibly high, and because of that, he had gone blind. Despite all of that, he was sweet and happy, but as the days progressed, blood work showed it was end-stage kidney failure. Taz went to the specialty vet this weekend to try and stabilize his kidney values and to get an ultrasound to see if anything else was going on with him internally, but sadly, the ultrasound showed that his kidneys have next to no function left. Taz's time with us will be very short.

But instead of spending his last days in a cage, our wonderful foster parents Cassandra and Mark stepped up to be his Sanctuary family. Young at Heart's Sanctuary Program allows rescued senior pets with end-of-life medical issues like Taz to enjoy the love and attention of a family at the end of their life, while Young at Heart pays for all the medical expenses. Taz spent yesterday outside with his Sanctuary mom, stretched out in the sunshine and the fresh air, drinking out of the pool for the other dogs, and sleeping on the couch. He happily ate some rotisserie chicken, enjoying being offered whatever he wanted to eat. He is comfortable and happy right now.

Taz doesn't have much time left, but what he does have left will be spent being loved and being part of a family. Thanks to our supporters who make our Sanctuary program possible, and thanks to Cassandra and Mark for showing Taz that he is loved and part of a family.

We love you Taz!


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