Thank You for Your Support in 2018!


Dear friends of Young at Heart,

THANK YOU for making 2018 an amazing year for senior pets that needed a second chance. Whether you donated, volunteered, adopted, fostered, or spread the word about Young at Heart, THANK YOU for making a difference. We are looking forward to 2019 with the opening of our long-awaited adoption center, and the ability to save more senior pets than ever before. THANK YOU for being the reason that Young at Heart can continue our mission to provide senior dogs and cats with a safe haven to ensure they live with comfort, compassion, and companionship in their golden years

If you've already made a year end donation, THANK YOU!!! If you haven't, you still have a chance to sneak in one last donation in 2018 - and if you make your donation by 11:59pm CST today, an Angel Donor will MATCH YOUR DONATION, allowing your gift to help twice as many senior pets!

Donate here:

Thank you and we look forward to working together to save more senior pets in 2019! Happy New Year!


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