Thank You PetCo Foundation!


If you visit the Petco in Lake Zurich, IL, you may just see one or two of our senior kitties enjoying their indoor "catio" just outside the doors of the cat adoption center. Today, while our wonderful volunteers cleaned the center and fed the kitties, customers enjoyed the playful antics of our bonded pair of 8 year old kitties, Cinnamon & Bandit. And Cinnamon & Bandit are safe and sound until a loving home is found for them because Young at Heart had a safe space to house them until that happens.

You see, several years ago, we were blessed with the use of a wonderful in-store adoption space thanks to a grant from the Petco Foundation. Because of this space, many senior cats have found wonderful loving homes that wouldn't have otherwise. No, you won't find kittens here, nor will you find cats in their younger years. Instead you will find our adoptable senior cats, ages 7 years and older, playing, sleeping, snuggling and enjoying the second chance that they have received.

Young at Heart is incredibly grateful for the wonderful staff at our Petco store that we consider family, and who have fully embraced our mission to find loving homes for senior dogs and cats. They will never have record-breaking adoption weekends with our oldies in their store (though we always hope!), but they whole-heartedly love our sweet seniors, and rejoice with us each time one of them finds a new home. We love John and Kyle, and their entire team at the Lake Zurich Petco, and our kitties do, too. And a special thank you to the Petco Foundation for believing that senior kitties deserve a chance to find loving homes, too!

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