Tootsie Loves Her Automatic Feeder!


Hi friends! Check out me using my automatic feeder like a boss. It reads my microchip, and the food bowl lid only opens for ME. I can eat whenever I need to, but the other kitties in my home can't steal my food. Those silly feeder instructions said that it might take me a few weeks to truly learn how to use it. They must not have known that I am older and wiser than their typical kitties...I mastered this feeder in under an hour. I have to admit, I feel like the princess that I am when I walk up and the feeder opens only for me. Old cats can learn new tricks! This Young at Heart sanctuary kitty is living the good life.

Love, Tootsie (age 15 - Sanctuary Kitty, with stabilized kidney and heart disease, enjoying life to the fullest)


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