Tyke, Kiki and Snoopy on the Mend


We wanted to update you on Kiki, Snoopy, and Tyke. Thankfully today brings some good news to our rain storm of ER visits.

Tyke (pictured here) has officially been released from the hospital after his emergency surgery to remove his spleen and ruptured tumor. He is doing great, and now is resting comfortably at our director's house. Though he is sans tumor and spleen, he seems pretty perky and was allowed to explore his new surroundings just a tiny bit. He still has quite a bit of healing to do, but has some really good pain medication to help him along. He will continue to be monitored closely, but we are all hopeful that the rest of his recovery goes smoothly.

Kiki is doing better today but remains hospitalized. She is breathing easier and has even eaten a bit, but the vet did have to give her an appetite stimulant. She will remain hospitalized through tomorrow, and if she continues to do well, she can go home tomorrow. We all have our paws crossed!

Snoopy is still under the weather, and does not want to eat. He is still bright and is not in any respiratory distress from the virus, so he is being watched closely in his foster home and will see the vet again first thing tomorrow morning for a recheck. We're hoping that the antibiotics he was started on will take hold and he will start to head in the right direction. Please keep him in your thoughts as well.

As crazy it sounds when you see the total, we were overjoyed with the kindness that the emergency vet showed us with Tyke. Though our estimate was $6300, when we checked out today, our bill was *only* $4952 thanks to the discount they gave us. Through your generous donations, we raised $1185 yesterday and sold 34 shirts so far to help pay for our emergency vet bills. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! If you'd like to help us take care of Kiki, Tyke, and Snoopy, we could still use your help! 

Please visit this link to donate to their care.  Thank you for keeping all three of these sweeties in your thoughts!


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