Update on Iggy


07/09/18:  Thank you everyone for your donations towards Iggy's ginormous vet bill! Every dollar helps us! Right now, Iggy is uncomfortable, but bright. The vet was able to get him to eat a bit today, which is good! He's coughing today, but that could be the upper respiratory infection or it could be his enlarged heart. The vet staff is carefully balancing giving Iggy fluids to help him better yet making sure that they don't tax his heart too much. This little guy has a cardiologist appointment in his near future, too. Please continue to keep this sweet little guy in your thoughts! We will give Iggy every chance to get better!

Iggy Surgery


Poor little Iggy. Just rescued on Friday from an overcrowded animal shelter, this little old guy is an absolute medical wreck. We knew upon rescue that Iggy was emaciated, with a mouthful of infected and rotting teeth. He also had the beginning of an upper respiratory infection. This morning he seemed to be struggling a bit, so we took him to the ER to be safe, as we are worried about pneumonia. Sadly, x-rays revealed a lot more going on.

On top of the beginning stage of pneumonia, Iggy has an enlarged heart with a huge murmur, a bladder stone or stones that fills his entire bladder, more stones in his kidneys, horrific dental disease, and his white cell count is incredibly high. His blood work indicates he’s been malnourished for quite some time. In short, he feels like crap, and has for a very long time. But we hope to fix whatever we can for this little guy and get him feeling good again!

Right now the ER has Iggy on IV fluids with antibiotics to stabilize him and treat the upper respiratory infection, and to get him comfortable. Once he’s stable enough to undergo surgery, we can then address the bladder and kidney stones, and his teeth. Despite feeling so icky, Iggy is so loving and knows he’s being helped.

Iggy will most likely be in the ER for a few days. He has a lot of hurdles to get through, especially when he only weighs a little over 3 pounds, making treatments a bit trickier. But the vet is very optimistic, and we’ll give Iggy every opportunity to get better so that he can enjoy his golden years.

Please keep Iggy in your thoughts, and if you would like to help us with his ER stay, it’s greatly appreciated. 

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Iggy's original post from 7/6: RESCUED!!! Sweet senior Iggy is en route right now to the Good lIfe with Young at Heart!! The city shelters are struggling and full beyond capacity, and we are so glad this little guy will be settling into a foster home tonight knowing he is safe and loved! 

We'll post more as we get to know this sweet little guy, but until then, Welcome Iggy!! We are so glad you are here! ❤️



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