Wanted: A New Sanctuary Home for Bootsie


Adoptive or sanctuary home needed! Hello Friends, we need your help with sweet Bootsie, a YAH alum who went home with her adoptive mom just about a year ago. Her mom loves her very much, but as sometimes happens in life, changes have impacted her ability to give Bootise the care she requires and we need to find a new home for her. Bootsie’s mom is helping us make the transition as easy as possible for her, and will be fostering her until we can place her in another loving home, but we need your help. Please spread the word about Bootsie, and if you have room in your heart and home for a senior pet with special needs, please contact Jen at adopt@adoptaseniorpet.com for more information. Bootsie is located in the Chicago area.

We’re hoping to find a new home for her as soon as possible, but in the meantime, Bootsie wants to tell you a bit more about herself:

I'm Bootsie is a 12-year-old lady looking for a companion. Don't let the grey hairs fool you, I still have energy and LOVE to go on walks. I know how to sit, I love to cuddle and I don't bark! I always like meeting new dogs, but after a few sniffs, I'm usually ready to go on my way. I have a brother and sister kitty, but mostly we ignore each other. I'm a lover, not a fighter!

At 38 lbs I am not large and still like being a lap dog. The more attention and love you give me, the better!

I do have some medical issues related to my heart which require medication. I have no problem taking my meds, mom just mixes the pills in with my wet food. The rescue can tell you more about my medical needs, but they don’t stop me from being a happy girl who has oh so much love to give!

Won't you please consider me??

Love, Bootsie xoxoxoxo


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