Welcome, Chloe!


It's a beautiful day for rescuing a senior pet in need and we are so excited to welcome Chloe, age 10, to Young at Heart!

After losing the only family she's ever known, this sweet girl sat in the shelter feeling alone, confused and heartbroken. But thanks to her new foster mom Claudia, who also provided her freedom ride, Chloe's rescue came together within hours and she was sprung from the shelter yesterday morning!

Claudia's heart is huge, and after the recent loss her beloved yellow Lab Rosie, a YAH alum, it is still healing. But knowing she could help yet another Young at Heart senior feel safe and loved, Claudia opened her heart and home to Chloe without a second thought. Thanks to Claudia and to all who make it possible for us to rescue senior pets in need, Chloe will sleep well tonight knowing everything is going to be okay and that she will never ever feel alone again.

Chloe will see the vet very soon for a thorough senior work-up, so please stay tuned as she settles in and we get to know her better.

Welcome Chloe and thank you Claudia! 


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