Welcome to the Good Life, Goldie!


Twas the night before Christmas, and it was filled with joy,
As I left that loud shelter as a very happy boy!
My tail wagged mightily in the car on my freedom ride,
I was rescued! Safe and sound with luck on my side! 

I happily met my new foster mom and then I was off to the vet.
I might have some health issues, but one thing you can bet
Is that the twilight of my life will be filled with lots of loving care
because Young at Heart has promised to be there! 

I will spend my days playing, being loved and well fed,
Romping in the snow then snuggling into a warm, soft bed.
My fate was almost sealed but an angel came through;
I heard that I'm here at Young at Heart thanks to YOU! 

My bedtime stories are full of wonderful friends,
Who find loving homes for senior pets or provide care til the end.
To save senior pets like me from a very sad fate,
Many will adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate! 

I am here today because of the people who cared
About an old golden retriever once alone and scared.
My happiest holiday will be the one this year,

Because I am loved by many, and thanks to them, I am here!

Happy Holidays! Woof! 
Goldie (age 10)

PS - Your end of year donations save senior pets like me, and will be matched by an angel donor! Donate now: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/youngatheart

Goldie the Golden Retriever

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