Welcome to the Good Life, Lala!


After her person passed away and there was no one to care for her, Lala and her three housemates ended up at the city shelter. Waiting over a month for rescue, we found Lala sitting in the shelter alone, afraid, malnourished and in need of lots of TLC. While it breaks our hearts to not know the fate of her three friends, we hope they found rescue too, we know Lala’s fate changed the moment we said we would bring her home to Young at Heart.

Your support means 9-year-old Lala will only know the Good Life and that her future holds for her a new family and a happily ever after. Thanks to you, we were able to walk into the shelter and say “yes” to Lala. While our hearts are full of gratitude, we don’t think there is anyone more excited to be here with us than Lala! She is beyond sweet and is such a talker. She has so much to tell us!

Lala saw the vet yesterday and has a clean bill of health! She’ll have her teeth cleaned and will be spayed next week, and then she’ll be ready to find her forever family! She’s currently in a foster home and is the best little house guest. She loves nothing better than snuggling, she’s great with her litterbox and she does well with other cats and dogs. She’s such a good kitty!

She’s not up on our website yet, but if you would like to consider her for adoption, our online application can be found at http://www.adoptaseniorpet.com/adopt-a-pet/adopt-a-cat.

If you have questions, please contact us at adopt@adoptaseniorpet.com.

Lala sends her love and gratitude!


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