Welcome to the Good Life, Lucy!


Heeeeeere's LUCY! Meet the sweetest pumpkin of all time! We just rescued 10-year-old Lucy this weekend, and as you can see, she's already stylin' in the cone of shame. If you look, you can see that one of Lucy's ears is badly misshapen from years of untreated ear infections. Both ears are their own little trainwrecks, but her left ear is absolutely mangled and full of scar tissue from years of scratching at it. Both of her ears are being treated for pretty nasty infections, but her left ear will most likely require a specialist to get at all the infection and may possibly require surgery. Despite the discomfort her ears cause her right now, she is A DOLL! She is happy happy happy all of the time, and is just super sweet. We're so happy she's here and look forward to showing her the good life! Welcome to Young at Heart, Lucy!

Cone of Shame

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