Welcome to Young at Heart, Molly!


RESCUED: Molly, who found herself as a stray on the euthanasia list in a local shelter at the age of 21 (yes, you read that correctly - her age has been verified by a chip that no longer traces back to her person) is now safe, loved and snuggled into a cushy and heated bed with Young at Heart.

She is frail and we are concerned about her health, but she's incredibly sweet, happy and full of purrs and being pampered in her foster home. We know that her time with us is uncertain, but we're going to do all we can to restore her to good health and keep her as happy and comfortable for as long as we can. One thing is certain, she is loved and she is safe and we are so glad she is here.

We'll keep you posted on her progress, she'll see the vet first thing on Monday morning, but we ask that you please keep her in your thoughts.

Welcome Molly! What a sweet old gal! <3 Love Has No Age Limit! 


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