Welcoming New Rescues!


Well helloooooooo! It's been crazy busy over here lately, so we apologize for the cram-in-everything post in an effort to catch you up on all the excitement! With meeting the goal of our shelter for senior pets campaign, we've been going full-tilt tying up all of the miscellaneous odds and ends we need to submit our building permits. We're super grateful for everyone's support, and want to give a special shout out to our big-hearted civil engineers, John and Jennifer, and our big-hearted architects Matt and Roy! Without them, we'd only be at the permitting starting line, and instead, we're almost at the finish line!

We've welcomed several sweet new seniors to Young at Heart recently! We welcomed four 10 year old senior kitties: Possum, Ginger, Betty, and Cassidy, all of whom originally called Alaska home before they moved to Illinois. When their dad had to move back to Alaska, he couldn't afford to take all the kitties with him, so they ended up at a shelter on limited time. We welcomed them all to Young at Heart, and Betty has already been adopted!

When a shelter contacted us about a very sweet senior lab named Alfred who was in need of rescue, we didn't have an open foster home at the time. He then tested positive for heartworm, which of course made him an urgent case at the shelter. He was quickly running out of time. But we still didn't have an open foster home as so many of our current seniors are in different stages of medical holds as we ready them for adoption, or they're just simply harder to place seniors. So the shelter worked with us to find Alfred a foster home, and we paid for his heartworm treatment while he was in their care. He arrived to Young at Heart a few weeks ago, and we learned that he was going to have to go through a second round of heartworm treatment. He's getting lots of TLC in our foster home now while going through round two. He'll be on medical hold for quite some time as he undergoes treatment, as his heartworm is advanced, but some lucky family is going to get a great addition when he's ready for adoption!

We also welcomed 8 year old Maddie, a very adorable 8 year old terrier mix. She's so sweet! Good with dogs and cats, housetrained, and an all around wonderful little girl. She has a skin and ear infection that we are taking care of, and then she will be ready for adoption, too!

And lastly, we welcomed Martha, a very sweet 10+ year old Heinz 57 mix who is as sweet as can be. She's also Heartworm positive and will need to be treated. She's pretty arthritic and worried about all the changes in her life, and a bit overwhelmed right now. We're so lucky that our wonderful dog trainer, Kirk Halma at K-9 Motivation, welcomed Martha into his home for some gentle guidance and the room to let her decompress. Martha is so happy to be in a home again, and her sweet little face can just win your heart over in an instant. Now that she realizes that she's ok, she's as happy as can be. She'll be ready for adoption after Heartworm treatment, and will be a very special companion to some lucky person.

Tomorrow brings more lives saved, and it's all thanks to your support. We just couldn't save all these seniors without your help! Tomorrow we'll welcome another sweet and wonderful 10+ year old heartworm positive dog into Young at Heart named Blue, and a snuggable 8 year old kitty as well. We're so grateful to be able to help so many senior pets get a second chance, and look forward to the near future when we can help so many more enjoy The Good Life!

Stay tuned for some heartwarming adoption announcements this week! Thanks for all your love and support for Young at Heart's seniors!







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