Willow Needs a Home to Call Her Own


PLEASE SHARE! Ok friends, we need your help sharing this little girl so that we can find her a home. You know that saying, "small but mighty"? That is this sweet girl's mantra.

Meet Willow, a very adorable and sweet 7-8 years old Jack Russell Terrier mix who loves everyone one that she meets - as long as they don't have fur and four legs! Yes, Willow is a people person. She adores her people, adores new human friends, and absolutely shines when she is getting loved on. She will make you laugh out loud when she jumps straight up in the air to greet you and for her favorite treat.

She would love love love a home with an older person or couple that doesn't feel the need to bring their dog everywhere they go. She doesn't even care about walks, as she is a total homebody. Just wants a nice yard or patio to bask in the sun on a nice day. She doesn't want dog friends or cat friends, just her humans. She has yet to meet a human that she doesn't love.

Willow came to Young at Heart several months ago, and unfortunately tested positive for Heartworm. However, she has finished her Heartworm treatment and now it's finally time to find that special human or humans that want to be worshiped by this sweet little big-eared black dog. If you want an adorable dog in your life (or maybe you have a parent or grandparent who does), please let us know! Willow would love to find her forever family.



Adoption fee is $175. All of our senior dogs are spay/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, negative for Heartworm and kept on Heartworm preventative. They have tested negative for parasites and have been kept on a flea & tick preventive. All dogs have had a full geriatric exam upon entrance to Young at Heart, which includes a full geriatric blood work up. Dentals, lump removals, etc are all done whenever necessary. Any known medical conditions are fully disclosed, and adopters are provided with all medical records. Just like people, dogs age, and geriatric conditions and other medical ailments may arise after adoption.

All dogs are housed in private foster homes in the Chicago area unless they are waiting for a foster home to open up, in which case they are being temporarily boarded. We welcome out of state adopters that have stellar veterinary references, however we do not ship our sweet old grey muzzles - you have to come here to meet them. Fill out an adoption application atwww.adoptaseniorpet.com or email adopt@adoptaseniorpet.com with questions about a particular pet!

Thank you for considering a senior pet! Can't adopt? Please consider a donation to help us save more beautiful senior souls like these!https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/youngatheart

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