Ziggy & Bowie

Bowie (black) and Ziggy (black & white) are a special pair of dogs that Young at Heart rescued. They were rescued from the city shelter after being surrendered there, and were completely shut down and terrified of absolutely everything and everyone. They acted like dogs that didn't see m… Read More


Hi there! I'm Loni, and I am an adorable chihuahua mix. I came to Young at Heart from an "open admission" shelter, where I was scheduled to be euthanized because I was "too scared". And really, I was very very scared. Of everything. People, my shadow, noises, you name it. I just wasn't scare… Read More


Hi! I'm Bernie, and I'm a special little guy with a lot of special needs. I'm very medically complex, so I was ever so happy to hear that despite those needs, I was going to remain safe and sound in Young at Heart's care. I love my four-legged siblings, and love love love my Sanctuary Mom. I… Read More


Hi there! I'm Jessie, a very sweet Calico kitty who also happens to have very high blood pressure. I was welcomed into Young at Heart's sanctuary program after waiting over a year for a home of my own, but because my condition requires daily medication and regular blood pressure monitoring, … Read More


Hi there! I'm a sanctuary kitty because after arriving at Young at Heart, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. I underwent treatment, and am now in remission, but because the cancer could return, I get to live with my forever sanctuary family. Aren't a lucky boy? With medical support, I'm living t… Read More

Pitty Pat

Hi!  I’m Pitty Pat and I was placed in a sanctuary home due to my chronic bladder issues and asthma.  I get all the care and love I need in my sanctuary home and get along with my dog and cat siblings.  I have lots of comfy beds where I spend my days snoozing and I reall… Read More


Hi there! I'm Chloe and when I was first rescued by Young at Heart, I was diagnosed with kidney disease.  Young at Heart has done so much to help me fight this disease, even including stem cell treatment.  I need ongoing fluid therapy and supportive medication so Young at… Read More


 After a life filled with love, top notch care and all the pampering a senior pet could want, I left this world in the loving arms of my sanctuary family in April 2018. I’m Pasha, a very sweet and lucky 12-year-old kitty. You see, I was surrendered to a shelter when my family cou… Read More


Hi!  I’m Ivy.  While 17 years “young,” my age doesn’t stop me from enjoying life.  I love short strolls in the spring grass and I regularly do “walk-a-bouts” around the family room and kitchen, of my Sanctuary home.  My Sanctuary family… Read More


Hi there! My name is Tinkerbelle, and I am a social and talkative 10-year-old little girl. Change is pretty scary for me, so I hid a lot when I first came to Young at Heart. I'm well-adjusted and super sweet now, but due to ongoing medical issues, Young at Heart has made the very kind decisi… Read More

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