Cocker Mix
11 years

Hi there! I'm Chloe, a very sweet and snuggly little girl who absolutely adores people. I am about 10 years old and I am good with kitties, but I'm not very fond of other dogs so far. Upon arrival to Young at Heart, I had a painful eye that medication could not help, so it needed to be removed. I got through surgery with flying colors, but my kidneys began to fail and the damage could not be reversed. Only having one eye doesn't bother me a bit because I couldn't see out of the bad one anyway, and all it did was hurt! I am very sweet and gentle, love belly rubs, and absolutely can't wait to snuggle. I get fluids daily and each day I am carefully fed a balanced diet in order to keep my kidneys working as best they can. I love each day to the fullest, and am so grateful for the chance enjoy the twilight of my life. Thank you for supporting Young at Heart's sanctuary program to help seniors like me find love and family until the end.

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