17 years

Hi!  I’m Ivy.  While 17 years “young,” my age doesn’t stop me from enjoying life.  I love short strolls in the spring grass and I regularly do “walk-a-bouts” around the family room and kitchen, of my Sanctuary home.  My Sanctuary family knows when I’m hungry cause I let out little barks.  And, I’m a champion nap taker!   My health, on the other hand, means my Sanctuary family needs to provide me with some special care.  I am blind and have chronic kidney disease.  Because of my medical issues and the fact that it takes me a long time to adjust and get comfortable in new surroundings – Young at Heart made the gracious decision to keep me with my Sanctuary family for the rest of my days.  They love me so much and now I know I’ll always be cared for.

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