Cattle dog mix
13 years

Hi there! I'm Merlin, a wonderful cattle dog mix, and I am the sweetest and gentlest of dogs. I am full of love, am perfectly house trained and does well with other dogs of all kinds. I enjoy nothing better than a comfy bed and am a champion snuggle bug. I came to Young at Heart after being picked up as a stray by animal control and after a thorough examination by the vet, I was found to have a substantial heart murmur that required further evaluation. After seeing a cardiologist, it was determined that I have a heart condition that will require periodic monitoring and a daily medication. This wasn't such a big deal, but while waiting for my forever home, I began to lose my vision. By then, my foster mom was so in love with me that she happily agreed to become my Sanctuary Home, so I will stay with her for the rest of my life while Young at Heart pays for my medical bills. I am so happy that I am home, and am so grateful for friends like you who support Young at Heart so that I can live my life to the fullest

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