Shepherd Mix
13 years


In April 2012, Nellie was diagnosed with Melanoma after several months of emotional rehab. After coming so far, and finally exhuding happiness wherever she went, it was the obvious choice to treat Nellie’s cancer and make her a Sanctuary Dog. We hope she has many years of love and joy ahead of her, and her Sanctuary Mom loves her to pieces. She will get everything she needs to live a good quality of life in YAH’s Sanctuary Program. Please consider sponsoring Nellie as her journey continues as a YAH Sanctuary pet. Thank you!

Hi there! I’m Nellie, and perhaps you’ve been following my story on Facebook and you know all about me. Perhaps you just stopped by, and you don’t know my story — let me tell you, in a nutshell. My owner of many years fell ill, and one of my neighbors took me to the pound. I found myself in a loud and scary environment that I would not last long in. The volunteers at the pound took a video of me and it began to circulate. So many people were crying because of how scared I was, but Young at Heart sent a volunteer to the pound to go rescue me. Everyone thought I was scared just because of being at the pound, but it turns out, I’m pretty much scared in general. I had completely shut down emotionally, and was, to put it mildly, a broken dog.

The vet thinks I have lived a very sheltered life, perhaps never leaving my former house, or a small yard. I have had to learn how to trust, how to walk on a leash inside, and then how to walk on a leash outside. I've learned that the outside world is no longer scary, and it's really very fun when someone who loves you is by your side! I now play with my dog and cat sibling, play and bounce with toys, and am a happy-go-lucky dog inside again. My sanctuary mom has the utmost patience, and because of it, I have completely blossomed into a well-adjusted, happy girl.

I have mild arthritis in my hind end, but at this point in time, I do not require medication for it. However, I was diagnosed with melanoma, and so I am being treated to extend my life, and am doing great with treatments! I am a very special girl with a lot of wonderful friends. The vet said that treatment for my melanoma will extend my life by 2 years or more (which I hit FOUR years in April 2016! Woof!), and as I learn that life is a joyful journey, Young at Heart will be here to help me continue to blossom as I receive life-saving treatment.

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