Pit Bull Mix
10 years

After a life filled with love, top notch care and all the pampering a senior pet could want, I left this world in the loving arms of my sanctuary family in May 2019.  

I'm Olivia, and I am a silly and wonderful girl! When I was rescued, I drank a ton of water all of the time, so the rescue ran a bunch of tests on me. I was then misdiagnosed by a vet, and treated for a condition that I didn't have. I still drank a ton of water, so housebreaking was hard for me. I peed ALL the time. I was adopted for a very short time, but that did not work out, and so I came back to the rescue. I had a gazillion more tests done to try to get to the root of my condition, and it turns out my condition is purely behavioral. So Young at Heart found a wonderful person to work with me, and I have been the happiest girl ever since. I love spending my days curled up on the couch with my minpin siblings. When I get happy, I get the zoomies and bounce around the house. My sanctuary mom is so wonderful, she monitors my water intake so that I don't have accidents. I get the best holistic food and am loved so very much. I am so lucky to have found my family, and I will get to be loved the way I should for the rest of my life.

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