Brown Tabby
12 years

 After a life filled with love, top notch care and all the pampering a senior pet could want, I left this world in the loving arms of my sanctuary family in April 2018.

I’m Pasha, a very sweet and lucky 12-year-old kitty. You see, I was surrendered to a shelter when my family could no longer care for me. Not only was I a senior, but I was a senior kitty without any eyes. Instead of healthy eyes, I had two little eyes that had shriveled up like raisins early in my life that caused me pain and scarring. But despite that, I was the world's sweetest cat, and so when Young at Heart met me, they knew that they had to help me. So right after I was rescued, I went to the eye specialist. I had surgery to remove any of the yucky stuff that was causing me pain, and then the surgeon stitched me eyelids shut to be sure that they never got infected again. Within days of surgery, I was like a new cat! I felt and acted like a kitten again! It had been so long since I had been pain free, that the joy that I radiated was obvious to everyone who met me. And because I had lived the majority of my life without vision anyway, the adjustment was super easy for me. I went from blind and in pain, so simply blind, and life has never been better! A wonderful lady fell in love with me despite my blindness and other minor medical needs, and I was lucky enough to become a part of Young at Heart's sanctuary program so that I could have a home of my own for the rest of my life. I'm such a lucky kitty, and life has never been this good! Thank you for making my rescue and my medical care possible!

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