Sheltie Mix
10 years

After a life filled with love, top notch care and all the pampering a senior pet could want, I left this world in the loving arms of my sanctuary family in May 2019.

Sadie was rescued from a rural shelter where, despite being a sweet and beautiful girl, her age worked against her and she ended up on the euthanasia list to make space for incoming animals. Young at Heart stepped up to rescue her, and she settled in nicely in her foster home. Shortly thereafter, her foster mom noticed that Sadie got short of breath very easily, so we sent Sadie off for xrays. Xrays were initially thought to show a mass, but when a specialist did an ultrasound, we discovered a large inoperable hernia that allowed many of her internal organs to shift to the wrong locations. It was most likely caused by the impact of being hit by a car while she was a stray prior to being rescued. Sadie has some health issues because of it, but with close monitoring, she leads a very loved, happy, and comfortable life in her loving Sanctuary Home. She can't wait to show people just what a lucky girl she is, and how much senior pets need Young at Heart. 

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