12 years


Hi there! I’m Spike, and I’m the handsomest black kitty you’ll ever meet! I’m a very sweet, very lucky guy, because my time was up at the shelter, and Young at Heart saved me. But I’m even luckier because I have FIV, and a lot of FIV kitties don’t make it out of shelters alive because people think there is something wrong with us. Well, there really isn’t. FIV is only transmitted from kitty to kitty through deep bite wounds, and I’m super friendly AND I don’t have many teeth! I also really like dogs, as I currently live with a German Shepherd and two chihuahuas. We love to snuggle up on the couch, all together! I have some other health issues as well, and so I became a Young at Heart sanctuary kitty where I will live out my life with my sanctuary mom being loved beyond my dreams while Young at Heart covers my medical bills. I'm a lucky guy!

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