12 years


From Stewie’s Foster Parents:

Stewie came to us with untreatable cancer.  We fostered him because we wanted him to have a home and a family in his final days.  He spent 8.5 months with us and Young at Heart said to “spoil him rotten” and we did.  Like all beagles, Stewie was a chow hound and even in his final weeks and days, his nose guided him to all kinds of delicacies.  We never had to put a child-proof lock on our “treats cupboard” until Stewie joined our family!  Possibly his favorite thing was to take a walk a few days after a hard rain.  You know...when the worms have dried up on the sidewalks and street?!  We tried to steer him away from the crispy worms, but the nose often won out!

One cold December night, actually 3:00 am, Stewie rousted us out of bed.  Stewie clearly wanted/needed to go outside.  When we stumbled out with him, we found a woman standing in the middle of the street, poorly dressed to be outdoors on this cold and windy winter night.  The poor gal clearly had dementia, not knowing where she was, how she got there, nor how to get home.  The police came and took her to get her out of the cold. 

This event happened one month before Stewie left us.  We don’t know how he knew she was outside and needed help.  The Crystal Lake Police Department awarded us a certificate for saving her life.  At the awards ceremony, we took a picture of Stewie and told the audience the award really belonged to a very special beagle boy.   

We said goodby to Stewie on January 10, 2017.  Saying goodby was difficult, but Stewie let us know that it was time.  Stewie will always be in our hearts and memories.  He was an amazing boy!

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