Collie Mix
10+ years

Hi there! I'm Tigger, and I am an old soul who is great with other dogs and cats. I have a heart of gold, but can be a little shy at first. As sometimes happens when we age, my hearing and vision aren’t the sharpest these days, and some arthritis in my hind end has slowed me down a bit. Don’t worry though, I’m impeccably house-trained. The rescue is taking great care of me and helping me with my arthritis, but I’m still a little grumpy at times and I like to do my own thing these days. I still love touring the neighborhood on slow walks and enjoying quiet time in my sanctuary home. I had a rough life prior to joining Young at Heart, but now I'm enjoying each and every day to the fullest! Thank you for supporting Young at Heart so special needs senior pets like me can enjoy their golden years!

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