14 years

I'm 14-year-old Tootsie, and I came to Young at Heart from a shelter where I was supposed to be euthanized. On my very last day there, Young at Heart saved me, but I was so weak and malnourished from not eating at the shelter at all that the rescue wasn't sure I was going to make it through that first night. By some miracle, I did, and little by little, I regained my strength and my weight. I got a full work up at the vet's office, and it turned out that not only was I terribly sick from being at the shelter, but I also had kidney disease and was in heart failure. The rescue made me a Sanctuary Pet, and my Sanctuary Mom got to work to make me as comfortable as possible. In just a few weeks time, my new medications had kicked in and I was feeling so much better! My kidneys and heart are currently stable, and I am enjoying life every day. Watching birds, hiding in boxes, getting lots of love. Life is good. 

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