Young at Heart rescues senior pets. Despite temperament testing and veterinary screening and care, the backgrounds of many of Young at Heart’s pets are unknown, and some pets may have severe, previously undetected behavior or medical problems. As a result, we have created a euthanasia policy.

Our belief is that when a pet’s quality of life has diminished drastically, euthanasia is the right thing to do. We consult with our veterinarians when making this decision. We will always be there for a Young at Heart pet when it is their time to leave this world. We will make it a peaceful and gentle passing.

We also believe that pets with behavior and/or aggression issues who are deemed to pose an unacceptable danger to other animals, themselves, or the public are candidates for euthanasia. This is determined with behavior testing and is decided with a minimum of two people, including the executive director and one of our dog trainers. We do not take this decision lightly, and we will try all means to avoid euthanasia of an animal. We believe that knowingly adopting out dogs that can cause harm to a human would be a liability and put our mission to save senior dogs at risk. 

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