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The pets in our Courtesy Listings are NOT Young at Heart pets. This page is offered as a courtesy to those shelters, rescues, and animal controls that are striving to increase their adoptions of senior pets. It is also extended as a courtesy to those guardians who must give up their senior dogs or cat and prefer to give them the best chance of a new home by keeping them safe and not surrendering them to a shelter. Young at Heart has not evaluated, met, or in any other way interacted with these pets. Consequently, Young at Heart makes no representation as to their temperament or health. Since Young at Heart has not seen or evaluated these pets, we cannot make any representation or take responsibility for any pet’s temperament or health. To learn more about these pets, please contact the shelter or owner listed with each pet.

Please do not contact Young at Heart or fill out a Young at Heart adoption application for a Courtesy Listing pet.

Courtesy Listings

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