Grey and White
7 years

Hiya there, potential family! My name is Davenport. Yes, just like the old-timey word for couch. I am also lovingly referred to as “Davie” or “Dav,” but never “Port.” While I’m named after a couch, we do not share many characteristics, nor am I much of a couch potato. At the ripe age of 7 years old, I am not quite a senior, but I am approaching my golden years in great health!

Unlike some of my older friends at the adoption center, I happily spend most of my time playing or looking for mischief. Catnip toys, mouse toys, wand toys - I love them all. Even when you’re not in the room, I can keep myself entertained. Just me and my toy box. While playful, there is also a calm side to me. After a play session, I would love to join you for some relaxing cuddles, or you can find me lying about, seeing what’s going on in the world outside the windows.

I am a little shy in new situations, but I warm up to people quite quickly. Other cats take me a little longer to get used to, and to be frank, they stress me out. I merely tolerate my feline roommates right now, but I would really prefer to be the only cat in my own home. I love to be the center of attention, and with it being just you and me, we'll be the absolute best of friends. Plus, I'm a most excellent lap warmer! Especially while you watch tv or read. I'm also an excellent listener, so if you want to talk my ear off, I won't complain. I might just purr even louder.

All in all, I'm a pretty neat cat. I’m handsome, playful, and polite. And I know when given a chance, I would shine in a home with my very own family. Come meet me. You will see why everyone loves me!

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