Finn & Harry

Black & White
10 years
Finn & Harry

Hello! Hi there! Our names are Finn and Harry, and with us, you get the best of both worlds. We are both incredibly charming boys in our own ways. Harry is the extrovert; the life of the party. He won’t hesitate to say hello and ask for attention as soon as someone approaches. No matter how many spots your fingers scratch, Harry will not tire of your affection. Hey, just stick your hand out and he’ll do the work for ya sometimes! Finn is the introvert; the sensitive wallflower. He takes a little longer to build trust, but he is not stand-offish. He does not run away from your attention, and after a bit, you may be able to convince him to join in the fun. Sweet Finn also has an overactive thyroid, meaning he will need monitoring and medication (which he’s very good about taking). We are two well-behaved cats who never fail to use our litter box. We make friends pretty easily, although we’d both like a home without too much excitement. We are cats, after all. We can bet we will make whoever takes us home reaaal happy!

finn and harry 2

finn and harry 3

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