Long-haired Tortie
20 years

Hi there! I'm Fluffy, a dainty and delicate little girl who came to Young at Heart after my guardian suffered a stroke, and I was later discovered living all alone in the squalor of our home. Seems my guardian loved me a lot, but could no longer take care of both of us adequately. So, I ended up in the shelter system, but luckily found my way here! I am 20 years old - nope, that's not a typo! - and am a very sweet and affectionate girl. I love nothing more than being the center of attention, and will demand it often! At my age, there are bound to be some things that just aren't working the way they used to, and for me, that's my kidneys. So I get a prescrption diet, and subcutaneous fluids a few times a week, none of which phases me. I'm a bit arthritic, so I really appreciate a set of pet stairs to make it easier for me to lay in the sunshine on a couch or under a window. I love to bask in the sun, and I love a good snuggly bed. But more than anything, I would love a quiet home where my people adore me, and I can adore them right back! I'm looking for a very special someone who is willing to spoil me rotten in my golden years. Is that you?

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