Torbie & White
12 years

Do you like your cats shaped like sausages? Perhaps you have a preference for cats with a Garfield body type? Then you’ve hit the jackpot with me – Go-Go! I’m a big, beautiful, and round kitty with big, beautiful eyes to match! Great thing about me is that I tend to warm up to people rather swiftly. When it comes to meeting new kitties, I get a little nervous and may hiss to put on a good show. I eventually get over it and share my space peacefully, as long as I get my precious meals all to myself. I have no issues using my litter box. I spend my days lounging around mostly, if that wasn’t obvious by my physique. I love some good back scratches and soft chin strokes, and occasionally, I get over-stimulated and give a couple love-nibbles. Overall, I’m a cool and cute cat searching for my next food source – err, I mean, my next loving home. Think it may be you?

go go 2


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