Brown Tabby
10 years

Hi there! I'm Hansel and I am a 10 year old fun-loving and confident ringleader of kitties! I am often the very first to say hello to my visitors at the adoption center and offer my opinions. I was rescued from an animal-hoarding situation along with five of my feline siblings. Coming into our new environment at Young at Heart was a bit of whirlwind, to say the least, but I adapted very quickly. I am a happy boy with a fun personality. I do well with my litter box, and never miss a meal! I like to play with all kinds of toys for short periods. I never say no to love and affection, and will call "dibbs" on your lap if I can! I'm a social boy, but I also enjoy relaxing in my own space, snuggled up in fleece blankets or curled up with one of my housemates. Because we find so much comfort in each other, you will need to adopt me with one of my other housemates - either Purdy, Zara, or Uno. I do well with other mild-mannered cats, but I'm not fond of dogs. But I gurantee that bringing home a couple of us kitties that came from a not so nice life and spoiling us rotten will be one of the best things you have ever done in this world! We cannot wait to find out where our next stop will be! Hopefully, it will be in the laps of your loving family!

hansel handsome

zara and hansel

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