White and Black
11 years

Wooohooo! You're here! You're here to visit ME! I'm Izzy, and I am the happiest, nicest boy you'll ever meet! Yes, my name often confuses people into thinking I'm a girl kitty, but it's the name I know, as I came to Young at Heart after my elderly guardian could no longer care for me due to health reasons. What I am is SWEET SWEET SWEET! I'm a hoot and a half, with the nicest personality and friendliest demeanor in the room. I love to meet new people. I'm more like a dog that way, greeting you and your friends at the door, but it's just because I'm SO excited to see you! I love love love to be with you, and love to be snuggled and loved on. I enjoy other kitties who are sweet like me, too. I'm a healthy boy as long as I take my daily meds for my hyperthyroidism. The inexpensive meds keep me feeling good and keep my hyperthyroidism under control so that I'm always feeling good and ready to play! I love to play! I'm a really good bug catcher, too. (Though I will admit to then catching said bugs and eating them... not the best habit, I didn't say I was purrfect!). I would do great in pretty much any home, as I am just a joy to be around. I love lap time, chat time, mealtime, playtime, snuggle time, and basically ANY time of day that means I get to be with YOU! Are you my new person? I hope so! Hurry up and meet me in purrson so I can steal your heart!

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